Authentic Historic Apparel 
of the 18th & 19th Centuries

​Children's Clothing
 18th & 19th Centuries
Close up of Pleating
Close up of Neckline
18th Century Gown
                 for the Young Lady

​Period appropriate cotton print with back tying closure.
Wide hem which can be let out for growing.
Hand finished with trimmings.

 ​The gown above is worn with a linen shift, petticoat and bumroll. Without these essential undergarments the gown would not have the proper silhouette.  (Pls. advise if under garments are needed)

​$250 ppd.  sizes 6-10

Include measurements when ordering
Chest-Waist- Neck to Elbow-Waist to Floor

Authentic, Quality 18th & 19th Century Reproduction Clothing / Reenactment Clothing
for Civil War, Colonial & Regency  reenactors, period clothing, museums, theatre and much more!

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