Authentic Historic Apparel 
of the 18th & 19th Centuries

18th & 19th Century Mens Clothing

Reinforcement flap
Knee buckle

Breeches & Trousers

18th Century Breeches
~Making 18th century breeches is an art in itself ~

Are you constantly adjusting your breeches and trying to keep them up on your hips? 
 If so, then they do not fit properly​.
Properly fitted breeches are not only comfortable but should also show the male physique.
These are made to fit at the hip level and this is how they were worn. 
 They are a low rise garment.

Entirely hand finished
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Mid 19th Century Trousers

These are a loose fitting trouser with adjustable back belt.
Made in light, natural linen for summer wear

Lining fabrics may vary.  Polished cotton most commonly.

$225.00 ppd.

​When purchasing include your measurements
Waist ~ Hip ~ Inseam ~ Waist to Heel
Modern Pants  Waist Size
Early 19th Century Fall Front Trousers

This is a full length fall front trouser made to ankle length.
It is a close fitting garment with vents at the hem.
 Side pockets with printed linings.
Hand buttonholes with bone buttons.

Made of linen/cotton
Linings may vary

$245 ppd.

When purchasing include your measurements
Waist-Hip-Inseam-Waist to Ankle
Side Pocket
Interior Waist
Fall Front
Back Waist Lacing
Hand Eyelets
Fall Front Waist
Bone Buttons 
Hand Buttonholes
Hand buttonholes
18th Century Breeches
Early 19th Century Fall Front Trouser
Mid 19th Century Trousers
Authentic, Quality 18th & 19th Century Reproduction Clothing / Reenactment Clothing
for Civil War, Colonial & Regency  reenactors, period clothing, museums, theatre and much more!