Authentic Historic Apparel 
of the 18th & 19th Centuries

18th & 19th Century Underclothing

Sleeve length
18th Century shift undergarment made in wool or linen.   (photo in wool)
Wearing wool is the perfect ways to stay warm at cold weather events.  You will be surprised at how warm this undergarment will keep you.  Sleeve length is below the elbow to mid forearm.  The shift is made with gores and gussets.  The seams are hand felled and is entirely hand finished.   They are also available in linen for summer wear with a shorter sleeve length.  Allow 2-3 weeks.

  Price  Soft Wool  $ 165 ppd.
     Linen  $145  ppd.

When purchasing include your measurements. 
 Bust~Waist~Hip~Arm Length
Authentic, Quality 18th & 19th Century Reproduction Clothing / Reenactment Clothing
for Civil War, Colonial & Regency  reenactors, period clothing, museums, theatre and much more!
Early 19th century Regency Chemise  

 It is made with gores and gussets.  The seams are flat felled and hand finished.   A truly authentic garment that will last years.  Made of linen/cotton fabric.
​Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery  Price $135 ppd.

When purchasing include your measurements
Bust ~ Waist ~ Hip
Early 19th Century Regency Stays

This empire waist stays is most comfortable and supporting.   This style of stays was taken from a few sources of originals dating to approx. 1800-1810.  Made of cotton twill that is interlined for support   Bust gussets embroidered and hand finished binding.  Laces up the front for ease of dressing.  Allow 2-3 weeks  Price $185 ppd.

 A to  a DD bust.  Lining in checked cotton.

​When purchasing include your measurements
Bust ~ Waist ~ Cup Size
Regency Transitional Stays

Our latest Regency Stays. 
 They are made of cotton twill with blue embroidered french knots around the bust cups.  The stitching and eyelets are done in blue as well. 
 It is boned with wood cane and very comfortable to wear. 
 The bust cups are adjustable with drawstring casings. 
 This garment is hand finished excluding bone casings.
For B cup and up.

Price  $350 ppd.

​​When purchasing include your measurements
Bust ~ Waist ~Hip ~ Cup Size

Shifts & Chemises

Stays  &  Corsets

 This was a transition period for fashion you will find an assortment of styles for stays.  Here are the two styles I have available for purchase.